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Our story

Microfusion is a trusted Maintenance Welding alloy among the engineers worldwide, It has driven the maintenance welding procedure into a whole new dimension to eliminate guesswork and to certainly reduce the maintenance cost yet meeting quality industrial standards,
Welding involves localized coalescence or joining two metallic parts together at their relevant faying surfaces, The faying surfaces are in contact or in close proximity which are to be joined afterwards. Welding is usually performed on parts that are made of the same metal, but in maintenance welding identification of metals, that in particular is certainly a time consuming task and Microfusion welding Alloys can be confidently yet thoroughly used to weld dissimilar or unidentified metals.
We, MicroFusion engineers speciality equipped welding electrodes through innovation for major welding processes such as arc welding and oxy fuel gas welding to reduce downtime, wastage and maintenance cost, MicroFusion is highly concerned on microstructure, mechanical properties, corrosion and fatigue behaviour of welding.